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Beastie Boys Live @ KXLU (1985)

Photo: Glen E. Friedman / www.Burningflags.com

Glen E. Friedman, autor da foto que ilustra este post, estava de rolê com AdRock, MCA e Mike D pelas ruas de Los Angeles, em 1985. O Beastie Boys, que acabara de estrear na Def Jam com o 12" 'Rock Hard'/'Beastie Groove', tocaria na cidade pela primeira vez, abrindo para Madonna. Glen levou o trio ao programa de rádio de seu amigo Adam Bomb, o que resultou nessa clássica e rara tape, veiculada no podcast de Adam, Final Countdown Classics.

Part 1
Part 2

"I set this up for them when they came to L.A. for the very first time opening for Madonna. I was showing them around town and brought them to my friend Adam Bomb’s radio show... some classic tunes too including Russell’s rap on jazzy jay’s record produced by Rick, and a live version of their current record at the time 'Beastie Groove', and some Minor Threat too. This shit is really funny… I took these photos outside the KXLU studio just after this show." Glen E. Friedman

"In addition to the Final Countdown, which aired at either 11PM or Midnight, I also had an afternoon 'drive' shift on KXLU. One day (April 29, 1985 to be exact), photographer Glen E Friedman called and said that he had the Beastie Boys with him and he was wondering if he could bring them by the station for an interview. I thought ‘What the hell’ and told him to swing on by. They had just released their debut 12″ for Def Jam that contained the tracks 'Rock Hard' and 'Beastie Groove'. Lots of interesting moments as the Beasties basically clown around for the duration of their visit. Highlight is a 'live' version of Beastie Groove. Those were the days…thanks for listening." Adam Bomb

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